Feeling Bloated, Sluggish and Overweight, Join me for a Reboot!

It’s time to REBOOT your body. Don’t wait another year to lose weight, feel great and get your pre-mama energy back!

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Welcome Mama

I get it. I know you’re tired, your kids are hungry and sometimes, reaching for take-out or packaged food seems like the only option. But it’s not. I’ve been there too, and while healthy eating for your kids and yourself can seem impossible, I can make it SIMPLE and DOABLE.

I can help you overcome your kid’s crankiness (hint: it’s not his age, it’s his diet), figure out the food labeling system you don’t have time to research and take off those last 10 pounds.

Nutrition and lifestyle tweaks are the key to solving so many health and behavior issues from constipation to hyperactivity.

Current Offers

I offer private coaching, group programs, interactive workshops for individuals and corporations. Learn more about my current offerings.