5 Simple Tips to Avoid Post Vacation Exhaustion

6508724Sand? Trees? Snow? Whatever you fancy, vacations are supposed to be fabulous. When I have a vacation to look forward to, I just have much more pep in my step. Don’t you? The only problem is all too often, I hear my clients say “I need a vacation from my vacation.” What?! That doesn’t make any sense. Or does it? “Post vacation exhaustion” happens so frequently, maybe we ought to prepare for it and just start scheduling two vacations at a time. (Ha! That’s a joke.) Alternatively, we could do some simple pre-planning to ensure our vacation is in fact rejuvenating & relaxing. Which is exactly what I’ve been doing this week in advance of a short family weekend away for work & play to Asheville, North Carolina (we’re headed to the Gluten Free Expo!).
I’m looking forward to a weekend of no cleaning. And, as much as I LOOOVVE cooking, no cooking as well. But, I don’t want it to be at the expense of feeling junky when I return. Travel can definitely wreak havoc on our systems. But, it doesn’t have to. There are simple things we can do to limit the negative impact of traveling on our families & ourselves. After being a consultant for 10+ years and living on the road 4 out of 5 days a week, I could literally provide days worth of guidance on how to travel healthfully. (I’ll spare you the long guide.) Today, I’ll focus on 5 simple things that I’ve done this week to ensure our work/play weekend away to Asheville is rejuvenating.
1.  Bring healthy food for the air, train or car. Airport & train food is nasty. Yes, there are a few exceptions to this rule. But, overall, the food is junk. It’s laden with sodium, unhealthy & usually not so fresh ingredients. Start your trip with something yummy & healthy so you can be energized for the moments ahead.  (My favorite is veggie sushi w/ brown rice.
13714807022.  Pack healthy, shelf-stable snacks. This is key because these can double as breakfast or even appetizers, if needed. With healthy snacks on hand, you’re sure to avoid any moody blood sugar drops. So, instead of acting like a crazy lady when your spouse is chit chatting with the concierge about who the hell knows what, you can just eat a snack to hold you over before dinner. (Okay so maybe this has happened to me before…)3.  Find at least one healthy restaurant near your hotel. Our family loves food & we always have big plans to enjoy the local cuisine. Like many people, we tend to indulge a wee bit more when on vacation. That’s why, I’ll seek out one healthy restaurant in advance to frequent for breakfasts or a couple of lunches. This balance to indulgence makes a huge difference in your energy during & after your trip.

4.  Pack your walking gear. If you don’t have comfortable shoes to walk or exercise in, then you’re limited to sitting on your ass to enjoy the sites. It took my husband awhile to get this, but now he consistently makes room for sneakers!

5.  Schedule quiet time. This is the tip that I neglected on our last vacation (which is exactly why I need this weekend’s trip, silly mama.) To rejuvenate, our minds & bodies need space to do so. On vacations, we always schedule the fun, but we typically don’t schedule the quiet time. Do it. Do it. It will make your trip soooo much better.

Oh, one more thing (I told you I could just keep going on this subject!). Bring a water bottle that has a filter. Drinking a new water source throws off our systems, but using a filter can minimize this issue. It also makes grabbing water in the hotel or airport bathroom less icky.

What are you favorite tips for having a healthy family vacation? I know you’ve got em’ so please share in the comments section!


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