Starting a family brings on one of the most challenging parts of a woman’s life when it comes to nutrition. From pregnancy to nursing to starting a child on the path towards a healthy lifestyle, the pressures can be tremendous and the nutritional landscape confusing.

Studies have shown that empty calories like soda, pizza, crackers, cheese and desserts contribute to 40% of the diets of children and adolescents.

This type of diet isn’t unusual, but it sets kids up for nutritional failure and health problems down the road. Getting it right is one of the most important things you can do for your own health and the health of your children.

Danielle from Healthy Mamas for Happy Families is here to guide you through the process of simple nutrition and lifestyle changes. We are here to tell you that your kid’s crankiness is not due to his age, that his constipation shouldn’t be solved with medication, and that setting healthy habits now is essential to ensuring your child leads a long and full life.

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