Ugh, The Dinosaur Camelbak Has To Go

Say-No-BPA-Free-AlsoLatest studies show chemicals used to replace “BPA” are worse for our health than BPA. My friends over at Mommy Business alerted me to this news in a recent blog post and I had to share with you. While thankful for the critical information, I’m grumbling over what happens next – finding a suitable replacement for the dinosaur camelbak that Evren snuggles with just about every night.

Back in 2007, when studies showed BPA mimicked estrogen in our bodies, I purged the plastic from our lives.That was pre-child days – so MUCH easier to use only glass though I still got flak from my family! Endocrine disruptors like BPA in our “food safe” plastic containers, found on receipts and more were being linked to lower fertility and increased cancer risk – two conditions I wanted to avoid as hopes of babies were in the horizon.

Fast forward to a few years ago when plastic manufacturers finally caved and committed to BPA-free, I started getting lax too. At first, it was just three stackable recycled BPA-free storage containers. Then, Evren started eating solid food and it was all over. The BPA-free plates cups and utensils snuck their way back into our cabinets AGAIN. Sound familiar?

Apparently, the plastic purge needs to happen once and for all because the latest studies have scientists screaming loud and clear “There’s NO safe alternatives to BPA.”

The latest animal studies showed exposure to common BPA substitutions like bisphenol-S (BPS) or bisphenol-F (BPF) causing hyperactivity in animals. The worst part is researchers found low doses of exposure to be more harmful than larger ones. And, according to another recent article “In laboratory tests, 95% of hundreds of ordinary plastic products put through “real world” conditions, such as through a dishwasher or a microwave, tested positive for leaching estrogenic chemicals.”  I don’t know about your family, but I use plastic so I can put in the dishwasher.

Of course, plastic manufacturers are pushing back saying the studies aren’t rigorous enough. Well…

I think the founder of CertiChem (an endocrine disruptor testing lab), George Bittner said it best “If you went into a space with a radiation detection device and found radiation, would you stop to take additional time to find out where the radiation was coming from? It wouldn’t matter—you’d just want to get out.”

That’s all folks, we’re getting out of plastics!

Here’s my plan:

  • Search Target for more snapware since they go sale often (these are glass pyrex with snapable lids)
  • Stock up on stainless lunch containers  (pricey, but definitely worth it).
  • Take the plunge and purchase a Life Factory 9oz glass bottle for Evren (it costs an arm and leg, but we need a camelbak replacement pronto)
  • Add more cute wooden bowls like these – though I hate that they can’t go in the dishwasher, they’re a safe alternative that Evren likes using

Thanks to Melissa at Mommy Business for the push! Read more tips for getting rid of plastic and which items to substitute for your plastic favs from Melissa over at Mommy Business.

Now, for the sake of your kiddos’ health, what’s your plan to shed plastics?

Unhealthy ingredients in your “healthy” convenience foods

Okay – I’m kind of a lunatic when I find a new REAL food that comes in a package (a.k.a. convenience for a busy mama). Last week at the grocery store, I discovered So Delicious pulled the carrageenan out of their coconut milk. Yahoo!!! You should have seen me. I literally screamed at the top of my frickin’ lungs and catapulted into the air!! It was like I won the dang lottery or something.mommies jumping wild

The thing is I did win the lottery. The MOMMY lottery.

Buying coconut milk in the refrigerated section that’s already mixed will save my butt ~10 minutes+ each week. That’s 8+ hours a year that I won’t be opening cans, mixing coconut cream with separated coconut water to make milk. Hells yeah, I’ll take it.

It’s nice to find REAL foods that come in package because let’s face it: I can’t make everything we eat from scratch. Since I do need to rely on packaged foods sometimes, it just boils my blood when I read the ridiculously long ingredient labels that are laden with so called “natural” or “organic” additives.

Junky, FAKE ingredients lurk in food products marketed as “healthy” and good for your family. 

ingredient label with junky stuff

This situation is rampant. You can read about the sneaky unhealthy ingredients in our “healthy” packaged foods in my latest post on the get REAL for kids blog.

Before you learn more about these sneaky ingredients, promise me you won’t get overwhelmed! Instead, join me next week for some simple yet practical tips on how to slowly get the junk out of your pantry. It’s a process, mama, and it took me years.

I’d love to know which “healthy” packaged foods you’ve taken out of your pantry so far? Which ones still lurk? Let’s share our experiences in the comments.

Fitting exercise into a busy family life

It’s the million dollar question for most moms, “How do I fit exercise into a busy family life?”

I know you’re all begging to learn the secret trick that mamas who exercise aren’t sharing with you (those bitches…) For the love of god, where on earth do these moms find the time to run half marathons? Do triathlons? Or hit the gym 4x per week?

I’m going to tell you where. And, it’s not rocket science or a crazy magic trick either.

 It all starts with priorities. If exercise isn’t written on your mental priority list alongside grocery shopping and get an oil change, then it just won’t happen. No siree.

Between September 2013 and July 2014, the most exercise my ass saw was chasing my son (out of breath) around the yard. At that time, I was on double duty while my husband commuted 120+ miles per day. It was a short stint when exercise was the least of my worries.

Now, think about your life. Will you be happier or healthier with more exercise?

If so, then you’ve got your answer and it’s time to make exercise a priority.  Nice!

But, if you want to be one of those exercising mamas then the next step is critical. To really make exercise stick around in your life, you’ve got to pick an activity that makes you SWOON. Seriously.

How busy moms fit in exercise

 For me,  I’d be willing to lose sleep for a little yoga or a shake of my ass in a dance class. But, running or spinning – forget it. I’ll stay in my cozy bed, thanks.

So, which physical activity would get your ass out of bed at 5:30am?

It’s got to be good. Reeeeal good, mama. Choosing something you LOVE puts your heart into and, at the end of the day, your heart leads the way and keeps you on motivated.

The final key about being an exercising mama requires a huge but CRITICAL mindset shift. If you’ve still got it stuck in your pretty little head that you need 45 consecutive minutes a day for exercise to count, you’re doomed.

An exercising mama has come to the realization that:
her hips will never be the same
her breasts are forever transformed, and
her exercise schedule doesn’t resemble a schedule at all.

Want to run around with the kids without getting out of breath? Or, look hot in your yoga pants? You can in just three easy steps!

  1. Make exercise a priority.
  2. Pick a physical activity you freaking LOVE, and
  3. Fit exercise in during the most whacky, unheard of moments in your day.

Exercising for 45 consecutive minutes multiple times per week may never happen again until your kids are off to college (or high school if you’re lucky). But, that’s okay. Every minute counts!  Tell me in the comments where can you fit exercise into your busy life? Let’s get moving!