Children’s Nutrition + Health

Got picky eaters? Kids who chronically get sick or have stomach issues? We offer a variety of private and group programs to help you solve these challenges more safely and successfully.

Private Family Nutrition & Integrative Health Sessions

HiResThis is for families who want individual attention from Danielle. Whether your child is suffering from digestive distress, attention or sleep challenges or is the pickiest of eaters, Danielle will help your family discover and adopt solutions to achieve healing and happiness . After a pediatric nutrition and health assessment, Danielle will work with the family to set and achieve personalized goals. Learn more.

Group-based Family Nutrition Programs

group coachingThis is for parents who are motivated by being in a group. It’s an affordable way to improve your child’s health and reach your family goals!

Contact me to register or learn more about the schedule.

Sample programs include:

Do-It-Yourself Classes and Programs

Some parents prefer to learn material and implement at their own pace. That’s AWESOME! Do-It-Yourself programs and classes are designed to give you education and coaching that you personalize for your family. Learn more.