Kids’ Nutrition + Health

Got picky eaters? Kids who chronically get sick or have stomach issues? We offer a variety of private and group programs (both virtual & in-person) to help you solve these challenges (and more) safely and successfully.

Private Family Coaching Sessions

HiResThis is for families who want individual attention from Danielle (virtually or in-person). You set the health goals and together we help you meet those goals.  Learn more.

Sample topics include:

  • Picky eating
  • Healthy school lunch
  • Balanced meals
  • Attention or behavior challenges
  • Nutrition and natural remedies to fight chronic infections
New Client Special: $249 for 3 Mini Sessions + Email Support

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Group Coaching Programs

group coachingThis is for mamas who are motivated by being in a group. It’s an affordable way to improve your child’s health and reach your family goals!

Contact me to register or learn more about the schedule.

Current programs include:

    • Transform Your Picky Eater
    • Get SMART on Raising Healthy Eaters
    • Starting Solids and Toddler Nutrition
    • Making Healthy Eating a Priority

Do-It-Yourself Classes and Programs

Some mamas prefer to learn material and implement at their own pace. That’s AWESOME! Do-It-Yourself programs and classes are designed to give you education and coaching that you personalize for your family. Learn more.