New Year’s Resolutions With a Purpose

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We’re all guilty of it – setting resolutions for the New Year that we surely intend to accomplish. Buuuut, things get in the way like babies, kids’ activities, work deadlines or potty training. By the time NYE rolls around again, we’re hoping our glass of bubbly clouds feelings of defeat and disappointment. Cheers to a New Year (of unaccomplished goals)!

Maybe we should just skip the New Year’s resolutions? Instead we could coddle our bruised egos a little more and avoid the self-loathing all together. Sounds nice, but while this easy way out might make for a free spirited NYE 2015, it’s hardly the best path for personal growth.

Even if you’re not a self-help junkie, setting New Year’s resolutions is a great teaching opportunity for your kiddos. I want to teach my son the importance of setting goals to motivate, encourage and provide direction to him throughout life. As a budding two year old, his direction is limited to “up, mama” but soon enough he’ll be a lil’ man who’ll benefit from designing a life he loves.

Instead of skipping New Year’s resolutions this year, take a few minutes to transform your goals into ones that you’ll actually achieve.

Start by linking your resolutions to a deeper sense of purpose. Goals linked to a purpose provide us meaningful clarity about why we want to achieve a specific goal. We’re more likely to achieve a goal when we can envision, imagine, and connect with how life will be after our goal(s) are reached.

she designed a life she loved

We often set goals such as:

I want to exercise.
I want to get that big promotion.
I want to lose 10 lbs.
I want to eat healthier.
I want to quit coffee.
I want to complete a triathlon.
I want to grow my business.

While these goals may be exactly “what” we want to achieve, we’re missing the “why.” 

The “why” is the key ingredient, the real motivation, that drives us to take steps everyday towards that goal. The “why” picks us back up after a setback and keeps us marching forward.

A perfect example is the unspoken goal “to be the best mom I can be for my kiddos.” Everyday, you get up, smile, give hugs, share love, teach, take care of, feed, listen. You take steps and make strides daily towards this unspoken goal of being a great mom. Even on the toughest, most chaotic days, you keep going. Your purpose is clear. He’s right in front of you. Every step you take towards this goal makes his life bigger, better and more beautiful.

Take another goal you have for this year and make it count like motherhood.

Why do you want to exercise more? What will be different about your life? How will exercise create a better life for you? Can you imagine this life?

Without a clear purpose to our goals, the dishes, the dog and the deadlines will trump your commitment to yourself. You have the power to go deep, to find that clarity that will take you through the toughest days and the biggest setbacks. You, mama, have the power to achieve your New Years resolutions with a clear PURPOSE driving you to New Years Eve 2015.

Tell me in the comments, what are your New Year’s Resolutions and why do you want to achieve them? Be brave and say them out loud!


  1. Laura Wood says

    Hi Danielle, I follow along with you on facebook and really appreciate your sensibility and approach to healthy living. I am a mom of a 2 1/2 year old and seem to connect with you on many levels so that is why I decided to join you. I work full time as a chef/nutrition director of a local charter school so I have the food background but it is hard working around yummy food all day and I sometimes “know too much”. What I mean by this is I know what I should be doing but have a hard time staying focused in regards to how much is too much. I eat a lot of the right things just need to track it better? I have a BS in Culinary so I know how to cook a lot of things and this can also be my down fall. I have been struggling to loose the “baby weight” ( at least 20 pounds). I just turned 41 and would like to have another baby before it is too late. I fear that the extra weight could be a factor. I do go to the gym, usually 3 times a week. It is super early like 4am but it is the only time I have. The holidays have put me in a slump so I hope to get back on track. So now that I have spilled my guts, I guess the bottom line for me is that I need someone to hold me accountable. Thanks Laura

    • danielle says

      Laura, thank you so much for sharing your honesty and struggles. We often ignore our intuition about our lives, our health and more. I’m so happy that you are joining the challenge because it shows you are listening to your body! Losing weight the healthy way is certainly a key to fertility and a healthy pregnancy. I’m also taking measures right now to heal some of my health issues so that I can have more children (prenatal nutrition/health is a passion of mine!). This challenge will get you started – don’t forget to check with me during LIVE office hours so we can dig in a little to the barriers that have gotten in your way.

  2. Allison says

    I want to lose the extra weight I’ve gained over the past 3 years. In that time I’ve had 2 back surgeries on the same disc. The latest surgery was to remove the disc and put a rod in. As a working mom of a busy 8 and 11 year old I never put myself first. This year I want to do this so that I can show my kids how live a healthy lifestyle so I can be active with my husband and children.

    • danielle says

      Back surgeries is no joke. It’s completely normal to have fallen off track when you were in so much pain. By getting surgery, you’ve shown your kids it is important to take care of yourself! This year, you can now show them how to continue to do that on a daily basis. I’m so happy you are here with us Allison!

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