What Is An Essential Oil?

13660416159793460We all know plants are powerful, right? What you may not know is just how stinkin’ powerful these suckers are. Every plant has essential oils from their roots to their flowers. They need these delicious smelling aromas not just to entice us, darling, but to fight off pesky bugs, icky disease & crazy mother nature. They are the karate of the plant kingdom, the self-defense system! For centuries humans have been using essential oils for medicine, cooking & to smell fabulous! (It was likely all discovered by a beautiful mama looking to care for her sweet kiddos.)


What’s the Big Deal & Why Do I Need Oils?

3736308Good question! Actually, studies show that essential oils work on humans & animals in the same way they protect & heal plants. That means, we can use essential oils to keep ourselves healthy the natural way. As a mama, these oils are your ticket to fewer illnesses, less stress & more fun! Mamas all over the world use these oils to care for their families. Every essential oil has unique properties that make it beneficial for a specific set of ailments or symptoms. For example, we’ve all heard “lavender take me away” (oops maybe that’s “Calgon” though it should’ve been lavender) but did you know lavender is amazing for healing skin irritations, even burns? Learn all about the many uses of oils.

What’s So Great About Young Living Oils?

1366039687You only get the best recommendations from me, Mama. I don’t like chemicals, additives or poor quality junk. Young Living oils are 100% pure, therapeutic grade oils. Did you know that in the U.S. an essential oil manufacturer can say its products are pure with only 5% of essential oil? Only 5%!!! That means all the other liquid in that bottle is likely harsh chemicals, additives or other junk that is unnecessary. With YL oils, you only get 100% pure, therapeutic oil. So, that non Young Living lavender oil you got as a gift may smell nice, but it likely won’t help you sleep, Mama. Don’t waste your money, choose Young Living oils.

How Can I Get Some Fabulous YL Oils?

8931957It’s super easy, Mama! You can buy them online. To order oils, you have a choice: you can become a retail member (i.e., customer) or a wholesale member (i.e., distributor) of Young Living.

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2. If you choose to be a wholesale member, you pay 24% less than retail price.  This is what I do, because I love to get the best deal whenever I can!

To open your wholesale account, you purchase a wholesale membership kit.  It’s like becoming a member at Costco or BJs… except you’re going to get something great with your membership fee – OILS!! There are no other obligations. Nada. Just buy one kit (unlike the annual fee at Costco) & get 24% off always.

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PLUS, by ordering oils from me you get a few very special benefits including:

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