Dairy-Free Tzatziki Sauce

1365696478Use atop anything that could use some flava like burgers, fish, falafel, salad or potatoes

Ingredients (serves 10): 
1 C cashews
1 1/4 C hot water
2 large cloves garlic
Juice from 2/3 lemon
1 medium cucumber, peeled
1 tsp fine sea salt (I prefer Himalayan pink salt for the mineral content)
1/4 C parsley leaves1-2 pinches fresh lemon zest

Boil cashews in around 4C water for 15 minutes. Rinse & drain. Pulse all ingredients in a food processor until creamy, but slightly chunky from the cucumber. Add more hot water 1 TSB at a time until desired consistency. It should be creamy but not liquidy. Enjoy!