Double Choco Cherry Walnut Bars

4563937These double as a dessert or an afternoon snack. Plus, they got a thumbs up from my highly skeptical spouse!

Ingredients (makes 5-6): 
1/2 C pitted dates (I had Deglet dates)
1/2 C walnuts (use your fav nut mama)
1/2 C dried cherries (no sugah added please)
1-2 TBS allergen-free chocolate chips (by Enjoy life)
1-2 TBS dried coconut flakes

Pulse all ingredients in a food processor until mixed very well (maybe 2-3 min). I started slowly to break things up & then went at it to mix it well. Scoop all ingredients onto wax paper & flatten into a 1-inch thick patty. Refrigerate for 1 hour to make firm. Cut into desired shapes. I used small juice glasses to make these cute guys 😉Note: The chocolate melts quickly so make it snappy, Mama!