Slow Cooker Pulled Pork

1362362242(A huge thanks to my dear friend, Rob Kerr, for sharing this delicious recipe!)
Make this crowd pleaser ahead of time & have more time to enjoy with guests. Yum!

Ingredients (serves 8-10): 
5 lbs. pork butt/shoulder (pasture-raised is ideal)
2-3 sweet white onions, sliced
2 medium yellow onions, chopped (keep separate from sweet onion)
2 TBS black peppercorns
1.5 C fresh pressed apple juice
2 TBS unfiltered apple cider vinegar
1 jar of your favorite whole-food based BBQ sauce (we love Bone Suckin Sauce)

In a slow cooker, layer half sweet white onions & peppercorns, then pork, then remainder of sweet onions, peppercorns, apple juice & apple cider vinegar. Cook on low for at least 6 hours (up to 10 hours). (Set & forget it, Mama!)Drain pork, reserving 1/2 C to 1 C of liquid. Using a fork or two, shred the pork. Empty slow cooker, put pork back into cooker with reserved liquid, chopped onions & 1-2 C your favorite whole-food based BBQ sauce. Cook for another 1-2 hours until onions become caramelized or soft.

Mamas, if pressed for time, top pulled pork with a pre-made slaw & 1 TBS of whole-food based BBQ sauce! Or, top with our Crunchy Slaw.