Group Program: Transform Your Picky Eater

Do your kids beg for “special treats”, refuse new foods or eat the same things over and over? The strategies we often employ to address picky eating such as no thank you bites, requiring dinner before dessert and using food as a reward can actually create a pickier eater. Forget the suggestions you’ve heard from family, friends and the media.

To create competent, healthy eaters with less stress and more success, you need an evidence-based approach. The Satter Division of Responsibility model has worked for thousands of families and it will work for yours. This coach-led 6-week program will be a breath of fresh air in your stressful life of feeding a family. You’ll learn strategies that Danielle will help you incorporate immediately to experience results fast:

  • Eliminate your stress about food and mealtimes
  • Develop children who are comfortable trying new foods (without coercion!)
  • Raise children who trust their body and know how much food to eat naturally
  • Lower the chance of your children being overweight or having unhealthy
    relationships with food
  • Experience peaceful family meals (finally!)

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