Unhealthy ingredients in your “healthy” convenience foods

Okay – I’m kind of a lunatic when I find a new REAL food that comes in a package (a.k.a. convenience for a busy mama). Last week at the grocery store, I discovered So Delicious pulled the carrageenan out of their coconut milk. Yahoo!!! You should have seen me. I literally screamed at the top of my frickin’ lungs and catapulted into the air!! It was like I won the dang lottery or something.mommies jumping wild

The thing is I did win the lottery. The MOMMY lottery.

Buying coconut milk in the refrigerated section that’s already mixed will save my butt ~10 minutes+ each week. That’s 8+ hours a year that I won’t be opening cans, mixing coconut cream with separated coconut water to make milk. Hells yeah, I’ll take it.

It’s nice to find REAL foods that come in package because let’s face it: I can’t make everything we eat from scratch. Since I do need to rely on packaged foods sometimes, it just boils my blood when I read the ridiculously long ingredient labels that are laden with so called “natural” or “organic” additives.

Junky, FAKE ingredients lurk in food products marketed as “healthy” and good for your family. 

ingredient label with junky stuff

This situation is rampant. You can read about the sneaky unhealthy ingredients in our “healthy” packaged foods in my latest post on the get REAL for kids blog.

Before you learn more about these sneaky ingredients, promise me you won’t get overwhelmed! Instead, join me next week for some simple yet practical tips on how to slowly get the junk out of your pantry. It’s a process, mama, and it took me years.

I’d love to know which “healthy” packaged foods you’ve taken out of your pantry so far? Which ones still lurk? Let’s share our experiences in the comments.

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