Pregnancy Resources for Expecting Mamas

Congratulations! You are growing an actual human being in your belly! In the words of my son, “it is the coolest superpower ever.” Embrace that mama, you are a procreator of mankind!

Of course pregnancy is an exciting phase of life, but let’s BE REAL. Pregnancy comes with a whole lot of stress and discomfort too. Snuggled up beside the baby registry and sweetest room color selections might be a whole host of uncomfortable side effects and symptoms like fatigue, morning sickness, swelling, headaches, anxiety, worry, and even fear. It’s a lot of change to manage, not only in your body, but also in your life.

So, what do we do to embrace joy and more ease in pregnancy?

Get empowered with knowledge (see below for some quick resources to get you started), connect with a community of pregnant women (join a private FB group), and work with me to address your pregnancy symptoms and answer your questions about prenatal nutrition, heartburn, constipation, food aversions, nutrient deficiencies, preparing for labor and more (learn how to work with me).


A few resources on pregnancy to dive into:

9 Natural Strategies to Address Fatigue in Pregnancy

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Pregnancy Guide

Critical Nutrients Missing in Pregnancy [Short Video]

Pregnancy Sleep Guide [Video]

Positive Prenatal - Benefits of Superfoods

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