Our Nutrition Services Support the Most Common Concerns facing Women and Children:

Digestive problems

ie. reflux, constipation, infant stooling issues, IBS, SIBO, celiac, Crohn's, colitis

Skin issues

ie. eczema, psoriasis, yeast infections

Prenatal health

i.e., morning sickness, anemia, gestational diabetes, preeclampsia, constipation

Postpartum/Infant health

i.e., lactation/milk supply nutrition, infant growth, hormone balance, weight management

Food Allergies and Sensitivities

ie. dairy, eggs, nuts, celiac, unknown allergies

Fatigue & Low Energy

ie. Sleep issues, burnout, exhaustion

There are several ways to work with me:

Private Support 

1-on-1 Membership

Partner with me for 4, 6 or 8 months to identify the root cause of the health concerns facing you or your child and implement a plan using food, herbs, nutrients and lifestyle changes to begin healing.

Prenatal/Postnatal Nutrient Assessment

Often overlooked by conventional medicine, nutritional deficiencies increases the risks of complications for mother and baby. Let's partner to boost your nutritional status.

Prenatal Supplement Review

We spend 30 minutes discussing my preferred supplements for pregnancy based on my clinical research and practice experience. $50 fee.

Group Support 

6-Weeks to a Radiant Pregnancy Program

A virtual, 6-week LIVE program for pregnant women in any trimester who want to experience an easier pregnancy, be prepared to enter motherhood and connect with other moms.

Group Workshops and Events

You'll often find me presenting in the community to groups of parents on various topics related to nutrition and health.


Private Holistic Pregnancy Facebook Group (FREE)

In this FB community, you will connect with other women, have access to loads of past videos on holistic nutrition, pelvic floor support, meditation and mindfulness. It's free! Join now.

DIY Support Services

Holistic Pregnancy Care and Childbirth Education - ONLINE COURSE

This online program created in collaboration with three women's health practitioners takes you on a deep dive through the essentials of movement, nutrition and mindfulness so you can experience a healthy, radiant pregnancy and optimize recovery.

Stop Picky Eating with a Proven Approach - ONLINE COURSE

Picky eating is stressful! It's maddening for so many families. And, picky eaters can struggle with nutritional deficiencies that impact health. This course is easy to follow and will have you and your family eating together happily in no time!

Still not sure which service is right for you?

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