Nutrition Solutions For Companies & Organizations

Speaking Events/Interviews

Danielle Shea Tan brings over 20 years of experience presenting to audiences - both large and small. She has shared her expertise in person, on the radio and in print for a variety of publications and social media outlets. Please contact her for a speaking or interview request.

Nutrition and Research Consulting

Danielle uniquely combines her nutrition and integrative health education with her 15+ years in management consulting to provide organizations customized business consulting including, but not limited to: new product research and development for food, supplements, kitchen equipment and more; literature research to support claims; nutritional analysis for food items, recipe creation, etc. Please contact her to discuss your project.

Corporate Wellness Solutions

Our solutions take wellness beyond the workplace by engaging your employees AND their families on a shared wellness journey. We offer unique programming that is customized to your employee needs and demographics and includes individual follow-up (the key to sustained results). Solutions can include: interactive recording webinars or in-person workshops, 1-on-1 and group employee coaching programs, Executive/Senior management private support, Wellness article authoring (for wellness newsletters) and discounts for employees on private support.

Focus Areas Include...

Pregnancy Concerns

ie. optimal nutrition status, severe nausea or vomiting, anemia, gestational diabetes, preeclampsia, preterm birth, thyroid disorders, gut health, strep

Gut Disorders

ie. IBS, SIBO, celiac, Crohn's, Colitis

Thryoid & Adrenal Disorders

ie. Hashimoto’s, hypothyroidism

Food or Environmental Allergies

ie. Celiac's, dairy, unknown

Skin Disorders

ie. Eczema, psoriasis

Fatigue & Low Energy

ie. Sleep issues, burnout, exhaustion

Anxiety & Depression

Diagnosed or Not

Weight Problems

ie. Stubborn weight gain, inability to gain or lose weight

Pediatric Concerns

C-section birth skin disorders, allergies, picky eating

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