Radiant Pregnancy Program

Get Your Glow on in 6 weeks!

Next live group begins Q1 2022!

A 6-week program that connects, nourishes and supports pregnant women so that you can embrace the best version of yourself. 

Are you...

Feeling anxious, overwhelmed or isolated by pregnancy during COVID-19

Ready to relieve your pain, heartburn, constipation or other debilitating pregnancy symptoms

Concerned about how to manage work and a new baby

Unsure about the choices you have to make for your new baby during a global pandemic

Feeling nervous with pregnancy weight gain and not being able to do your pre-pregnancy workouts


Imagine a pregnancy where you are:


Joyful, vibrant, and glowing throughout pregnancy

Exercising with confidence and ease, knowing how to protect your body

Nourishing you and your baby with easy, nutrient-dense recipes

Using safe, effective and natural remedies for sleep, digestion, mood and pregnancy symptoms

Completely supported by expert practitioners and not wasting your time searching Dr. Google or social media for answers

Prepared and confident about navigating uncertainty during pregnancy, labor and postpartum

Embracing the best version of you during pregnancy!

What you get in this program:

  • Community & Connection via 6 virtual zoom meetings led by 3 birth and healthcare professionals ($875 value)
  • Self-paced online course with 20+ videos for each stage of pregnancy and postpartum ($1800 value) covering topics including, but not limited to:
    • effective natural remedies for common symptoms including nausea, fatigue, insomnia, acid reflux/heartburn, constipation, back pain
    • prenatal and postpartum nutrition
    • movement and pelvic floor strategies for pain-free pregnancy, safe physical recovery, return to exercise, diastasis recti
    • Traditional Chinese Medicine guidance on pregnancy and postpartum recovery
  • Private Facebook Group so you feel supported even during the pandemic
  • 5 qigong movement and/or meditation videos to settle your mind ($150 value)
  • Postpartum Recipe e-Book ($20 value)
  • Over 10 recorded videos with maternal health experts ($200 value)
  • Handouts with Acupressure points and tips from Chinese Medicine ($100 value)

Total value of  $3145. You pay $3145 ONLY $397!

Course Summary:

  • Week 1: Natural, effective solutions to common pregnancy symptoms

  • Week 2: Moving your body to support your pelvic floor

  • Week 3: Prenatal and postpartum nutrition, what your doctor may not know

  • Week 4: Preparing for baby’s arrival and mindset for motherhood

  • Week 5: Labor preparation and birth stories

  • Week 6: Preparing for and Reframing postpartum recovery

You belong in this program if:

  • Are in your first, second or third trimester (sorry, this is not for postpartum mamas)
  • Want to feel joyful and confident throughout your pregnancy
  • Desire a deeply supportive and knowledgeable community that is even harder to find during COVID
  • Are completely dedicated to having a healthy pregnancy and birth
  • Need relief from aches, fatigue, anxiety, sleep deprivation or other pregnancy-related symptoms

About Your Women’s Health Practitioners and Program Leads:

Darcie Pervier, Zoe Culbertson, and Danielle Shea Tan combined their strengths to provide pregnant women with holistic strategies for the mind and body to thrive throughout their pregnancy. They formed a unique collaboration that draws together different modalities including functional nutrition, physical therapy, mindful movement, acupuncture, herbal medicine, mindfulness and meditation, to provide women with a rich and diverse toolkit to flourish through a vibrant pregnancy and beyond.

Click the images below to be directed to each practitioner’s website for more information.

What past participants are saying:

What did you learn from the program

“The holistic approach! Pregnancy, childbirth, and postpartum are times of such profound change, and I love that the course covered the physical, mental and emotional aspects of this time in a woman’s life, in a meaningful and practical way. 2. The supportive, positive group! I look forward to each class, and it was so helpful to be part of this community of women and to have people to check in with each week. The teachers are so supportive and positive, always eager to answer questions, and extremely knowledgeable both as practitioners and as mothers themselves.” – S.N. 

What would you tell a friend about this program?

“You should absolutely take this course! Whether this is your first pregnancy or not, you will learn so much about how to support and take care of yourself – from nutrition, acupressure, breathing, and meditation practice to exploring your fears around childbirth and setting up a web of support fro the postpartum period.” – A.R. 

What would you say about the program?

“I just wanted to share how grateful I am for this group which was birthed by these incredible  women right before I was about to give birth to my baby girl. It came at the most perfect time for me because being a new (single) mamma and also being hit with Covid, there wasn’t many options out there. I also didn’t resonate with the traditional “birthing classes” I love that each of these women bring such a powerful approaches that truly help us go within and give us the knowledge and tools we need before, during and after birth. There isn’t one piece of information that I didn’t apply. I love that they talk about the importance of taking care of ourselves and how powerful it can be to lean on our “circle of web” like Darcie said in one of the classes. Danielle, Darcie and Zoe have such powerful knowledge in their profession and go above and beyond to show up on and off-line. I was able to utilize Zoe for acupuncture at 39 week’s and the next day my body started the labor process. Darcie really emphasizes the importance of pelvic floor work which I will need since I had an unexpected C-Section ( don’t be attached to your birth plan) and Danielle has helped answer my questions on nutritional supplementation. What I love most is the private group they created and continue to let us be apart of. I am constantly looking to this group for resources and answers and I know I have made life long friends and can’t wait to meet everyone one day!! Thank you again!” - Shayna Fischer

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