Stop Picky Eating with Love, Patience and a Proven Approach (Plainville, MA)

With a proven approach, you can help your child overcome picky eating!

When unaddressed, picky eating can create major stress within a family. Unfortunately, strategies commonly used to encourage healthy eating such as “no thank you bites” or “dinner before dessert” eventually backfire and have been shown to create pickier eaters! Join this informative discussion to learn an evidence-based approach to raising competent, healthy eaters. You’ll get tips to address common feeding challenges such as food refusals and children’s food demands and walk away with practical action steps to use at home. This workshop, led by Danielle Shea Tan, a Functional Family Nutritionist and founder of Healthy Mamas for Happy Families, is sure to transform your meal times forever! 

Date: Saturday, October 12, 2019 11:30am – 1:30pm 
Where: Harmony Chiropractic 25 Messenger Street, Plainville, Massachusetts 02762
Price:$35/per person

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