Danielle Shea-Tan

9 Natural Strategies to Address Fatigue in Pregnancy

Pregnant woman outside feeling energetic

Fatigue in pregnancy is most common in the first and third trimester. Though contrary to popular belief, fatigue is not par for the course in pregnancy. Fortunately, there are some very effective strategies, foods and tools that pregnant women can use to boost their energy and vibrancy in pregnancy. Interested in knowing what three women’s…

Stop Picky Eating Virtual Workshop

You can enjoy family meals without the stress of picky eating! When unaddressed, picky eating can create major stress within a family. Unfortunately, strategies commonly used to encourage healthy eating such as “no thank you bites” or “dinner before dessert” eventually backfire and have been shown to create pickier eaters! Join this informative discussion to…

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Struggling With Pregnancy Symptoms?

pregnant woman in grass

Join this special event, presented by four women’s health specialists, to learn holistic, effective solutions to your pregnancy conditions including morning sickness, reflux, back pain, incontinence and more. During this time it is challenging to solve common pregnancy related symptoms. Many of us are trying to address our symptoms from our own from homes –…

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