5 Day FREE Vibrant Pregnancy Challenge

Join this challenge to go from exhausted to energized and vibrant during your pregnancy!

Darcie Pervier, Zoe Culbertson and I are so excited to announce our 5 Day Vibrant Pregnancy Challenge! This is a FREE 5 day challenge dedicated to helping pregnant women use holistic strategies to shift from exhausted and drained to energized and vibrant! 

Challenge Overview:

  • Day 1: Creating a Vibrant Pregnancy: Defining The Key To Your Success
  • DAY 2: Nourishing Vibrancy with Food
  • DAY 3: Harnessing Your Body’s Resilience
  • DAY 4: Mindfulness Matters
  • DAY 5: Fine-Tuning Your Support System

To add to the fun there will be giveaways of epic proportions several days during this challenge including a space in our 8 week Vibrant Pregnancy Program!  Don’t miss this chance to learn some key holistic strategies to beat fatigue during pregnancy and enter a chance to win our 8 week program dedicated to helping women prepare their body and mind for labor, delivery and motherhood!


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