5 Simple, Frugal Ways to Pamper Yourself

We go and go and go. Make breakfast. Pack lunch. Throw in laundry. Drop off the kids. Head to the office or back home. Prep dinner. Pick up the kids. Prep snack. Make snacks. Swap laundry. Play with kids. Cook dinner. Bath time. Bedtime routine.Clean kitchen. Pick up toys. Fold laundry. Rinse. Repeat. Sound like you, too?

Though the responsibilities can be tiresome, the joy of having little rascals far outweighs the extra dish duty – most of the time. After a couple of non-stop weeks (plus a few winter illnesses thrown in for good measure) and I’m damn near beat to the ground. It’s usually at this point that I either schedule some pampering or find myself cracking open a bottle of wine a little too close to 5pm.

Whether you have five kids or one little one, our kiddos always need us to be at our best. The only way to fulfill this 18+ year responsibility without going absolutely bananas is to stop and take a few minutes regularly to love ourselves up a little.

Pamper yourself. Do whatever it takes to avoid the burnout. This can be different for all of us. For me, it needs to be two things: simple and inexpensive. For a little inspiration, I thought I’d share a few simple, cost-effective ways that I “love myself up”:

  1. Soak in a hot bath laced with lavender oil, lighted only by tea lights
  2. Spend an extra 10 minutes slathering on delicious organic body lotion
  3. Invite girlfriends over for a glass of wine (or tea!) after the kids’ bedtime
  4. Ask your partner to brush your hair (note: remove snarls first)
  5. Swap 1-2 hours of childcare with a friend so you can hit yoga, get a cup of tea or read the latest People magazine

What simple habit have you adopted that keeps you feeling pampered? Share your ideas in the comments so we can all benefit!

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