So You’re Sick, Now What?

Since writing my first blog post, I’ve received several questions on what to do if prevention tactics fail and you’re infected with the cold or flu. With a history of asthma and Lyme disease, this mama is all about warding off sickness ASAP, so I’m happy to elaborate.

2502876Though I’d love to start this post by saying “get extra rest,” I know that as a busy mama this suggestion is completely USELESS unless it’s the weekend (which is totally unlikely given how the power of the universe works – go figure), you can afford to miss work, or you have the funds to pay someone to take the kiddos away from the house. If any of these options are available, please please curl up on the couch with your favorite blanket (we pull out the “Cracker Jack” for fighting sickness) and rest. If you can’t do it for yourself, do it for all the other busy mamas out there who wish they could.

As for me, I have succumbed to the fact that extra sleep (or any at all) is highly unlikely given that my bundle of joy, Evren, is only five months and not yet sleep trained (yet being the key word here, more on that after the weekend). So, what’s a busy mama to do when she gets under the weather?
  1. Piss & moan about it for at least 15 minutes. Obviously this isn’t required, but often needed. I like to call my mom for the best sympathy money just can’t buy
  2. Amp up on probiotics. You really can’t overdose on this stuff, so get the good kind and take double or triple doses. This ensures your digestive tract is highly supported thus allowing your body to use its energy to fight the sickness. I take 2-3 pills at least 2x/day when sick
  3. Hold your nose & drink some garlic tea. Garlic has antiviral, antibacterial & antifungal properties which is perfect for warding off sickness and the occasional neighborhood vampire. To make,crush 1 clove raw garlic in a mug, add 1 C boiling water, steep 5-10 min, strain & chug. Hold your nose or suck on a lemon to ease the grossness.
  4. Skip simple sugars (this includes white flour or refined grains). Although we may crave the “feel good” feeling sugar gives us (hence why its more addictive than cocaine), studies show after consumption it can suppress your immune system for hours. Opt for cooked veggies, whole grains & fruit instead
  5. Go vegan, with the exception of bone broth. Relax meat eatin’ mamas, it’s only temporary. Your body requires a heck of a lot more energy to digest meat & dairy. Bones are a different story. These suckers are packed with easily absorbable minerals & gelatin, all highly beneficial for digestion & strengthening your overall health (Check out this Super Simple Bone Broth recipe)
  6. Flush your nose with saline. I have to admit, using the neti pot annoys me. The whole process of getting the water a perfect temperature (it’s the goldilock’s porridge for your nose) and then tilting your head just so to avoid gagging. Using regularly is just too much for a busy mama. But, when I’m sick, I rinse with a salt solution in neti at least 1x/day and I often add 2-3 drops of grapefruit seed extract to get extra mileage from the time-sucking process.

In addition to prevention tactics, I hope these tips help you get well!Mamas & Dads, what else do you do to quickly get over a cold or flu?  

I’m Danielle, a nutritionist & health coach who specializes in helping busy mamas (& dads) become their most healthy self so they can raise healthy, happy families. I work with individuals, couples & groups both in-person & virtually. Are you ready to feel & look amazing?! Contact me today.

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