A Healthy Way to Start Solids

Starting your infant on solid foods is a whole new journey that can bring mixed emotions. Fear. Excitement. Relief. Giddiness. Anxiety. What feelings do you associate with this experience?

As a family nutrition coach, I was frantic to get it right! I read research studies, spoke with experts and scoured books to identify a handful of evidence-informed guidelines to starting my boy on solid food the most healthy way possible. The early days of food introduction are so important that I even created a class to share the latest research and make it simple for parents to tackle this new journey. For some simple tips, check out my latest blog post on the Bright Horizons Family Blog on “Tips for Introducing Babies to Solid Foods

Contact me for info on an upcoming class or with any questions or issues you are having. Enjoy!

Starting Solid Food - Avocado
A favorite first food – avocado!



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