Bust Out of Bread Boredom

What if I told you that shutting out the sandwich is actually a good thing? The truth is bread – in all its fluffiness and yumminess – is processed by the body like sugar. Yup. sugar. Those yummy little whole grains are pulverized into flour to make bread. And, flour is essentially sugar to the body. Top that with many chemicals and preservatives laden in the commercially processed varieties and you’ve got yourself a pretty toxic, sugary meal.

So while packing a PB + J sandwich in your kiddo’s lunch may seem like a convenient option on a busy weekday morning, think again. The reality is that by doling out daily sandwiches, you’re actually serving up a hearty dose of sugar to your sweet kid. And we both know what that looks like come 3 p.m. But there’s a better way, healthy mama, and it looks like this: leftovers. Your kiddo is sure to gobble up last night’s turkey dinner tomorrow – providing you add a new twist: simply chop up some bite-sized pieces and mix with olive oil mayo and slivers of celery. Add it to a kid-friendly thermos like Foogo and don’t forget the fork!

Other well-traveled options that have a knack for getting noticed include mini meatballs covered in tomato sauce or roasted turkey roll-ups with a little cranberry sauce or chopped apple inside. Yum. And when the weather turns chilly, I turn my attention to soup. I make a batch in the crockpot, ladle some in a thermos the night before and then freeze the rest for another time. Super. Easy. So move the sandwich out of the spotlight and into the wings when it comes to lunch time this week. Remember to make sure all the little supporting cast – carrots, fruit, yogurt with granola – are in place. And then wait and see who gets a standing ovation. My guess is you, healthy mama!

What’s your biggest challenge with busting out of bread boredom? Tell us in the comments. And, visit my Facebook and Instagram for more ideas to Bust Out of the Bread Boredom!

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