Celebrating healthy mamas everywhere

healthy mama and daughterCommitting to raising a healthy family is a HUGE job! Like me, I’m sure you have a long list of actions you’re willing to take to raise a healthy family. For me, it means:

  • Fewer vacations – Allocating less money to vacations and more money to fresh, organic foods and products for my family
  • Less time – Spending extra time preparing fresh, REAL foods and schlepping them everywhere to reduce our consumption of unhealthy options
  • Judgement – Getting judged by others who think my commitment to feed my kiddo clean food (e.g.,organic, free-range, wild) is unnecessary hooplah
  • Strength – Spending many moments educating my family about using food and healthy habits to nourish their minds, bodies and souls

Every single action you take to teach your family about healthy habits should be celebrated! Seriously, as healthy mamas, our families and friends should be screaming from the mountain tops about the amazing work we do to raise healthy families!

This week, in honor of Mother’s Day, I’ll be shouting (from my computer) about all the amazing healthy mamas out there. I’ll be shouting all over Facebook and Twitter to celebrate the efforts and accomplishments that moms in the healthy mamas community are most proud of.

Inspiration & Commitments from Healthy Mamas:

Rachael, Founder Mommybites BostonRachael: I’ve been showing my kids the importance of exercise by sharing my progress in couch to 5k with them and taking then for runs in the stroller.

Brett, Author & Owner, Sheer BalanceBrettI aim to only serve whole foods to our little guy. I try very hard to get every color of the rainbow into his diet. Much work, but totally worth the effort!

NeetikaNeetika: It is very tough to work and raise healthy families! But one accomplishment I’m proud of is that I’ve been able to provide Raina with mostly home cooked meals as opposed to feeding her packaged processed foods. Even though sometimes home cooking has to be easy Mac and cheese made from fresh cheddar block, I feel it’s still better than giving her Kraft Mac and cheese in a box!

Julia Founder JCampbell Social Marketing

Julia: I am committed to including vegetables in every dinner, no matter what!


Marybeth: I am proud of living an active lifestyle with swimming, biking, running and yoga. My kids love to join in and also see how important it is to take care of our bodies.

Family running race

Stacey: Exercise is a very important part if our lives – whether it is Scott coaching the Track and Field clinic, running a race, me hitting the gym or taking lots of walks with the family… Physical activity is part if our life and we also use it as family bonding time!

Katie: I’m teaching my family the value of exercise by training for and running a half marathon! Only a couple of weeks to go!


When it comes to raising a healthy, happy family: what achievement or commitment are you most proud of? Tell us in the comments so we can celebrate you too!  (We’ll be posting these commitments on FB, twitter and more this week!)


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