Halloween Haunt: When Gooey Candy Makes You Shudder

October 31st is just around the corner. And if having all that candy around the house is a tad bit frightening, you’re not alone.

Sad Halloween Jack o lantern

You see statistics say that sugar is four times more addictive than cocaine. That’s pretty powerful stuff considering sugar is in everything from butternut squash to burritos. And the worst part is that sugar lives inconspicuously in the things that appear to be healthy – fruit cups and granola bars – and masks itself deep within pretty packaging featuring kids hiking up a mountain. (Sorry, Cliff.)

So if the thought of all that caramel and chocolate has you feeling stuck on what to do, take heart, healthy mama. You’re in control of how much candy your child consumes, and here are some things you can try without being too much of a, ahem, witch this Halloween.

1. Buy the candy back.

Older kids especially love this, so don’t be ghoulish and just raise the offering if you think it’ll make the difference!

2. Call your dentist.

Ask if younger children can trade in their candy for temporary tattoos, stickers, a shiny new toothbrush or a trinket from the treasure chest.

3. Introduce the Switch Witch.

Unlike the tooth fairy, this chick rides in on a broomstick, scoops up the candy bag and leaves a cool toy in its place.

4. Gradually throw it out.

Think of it as the heels of bread or the ends of an onion, and just toss all but a few pieces. This is the best option if your little pumpkin is three and under.

Don’t worry — with you as his mummy, your child is not going to walk around in a zombie state from all the candy he’s eating. Simply brew up a plan before the big night and you’ll dodge a sticky situation. I promise.

Want more tips for a candy free Halloween? Check out my Candy Free Halloween Pinterest Board.

How will you avoid the sugar battle with your kids this Halloween season? We want to know your tips and tricks! Tell us in the comments.

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