hello cauliflower, welcome to my life

cauliflower of different colors

Like green beans, cauliflower has never been a preferred veggie in my diet. It’s bland and doesn’t exactly scream “eat me!” with its pasty white color. In fact, the ONLY time you’ll find me gnawing on a dry floret of cauliflower is at a social outing when I forgot to bring snacks and the only…

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Not all green beans taste like rubber

Sometimes green beans make me gag. Seriously. They were a staple of my Nana’s Thanksgiving menu growing up. My Nana was spunky, stylish and a fabulous cook. So, as a kid, I had no idea why she continued to serve these bland, rubbery green sticks. Given that she lived a long, mostly healthy life, I…

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Dairy-Free Tzatziki Sauce, Is It Possible?

Last night was an “oh sheister, what are we having for dinner” night. (Sheister is a new word I use to avoid having my son’s first word be S-H-I-T. Have I mentioned I don’t prefer foul language?). This is pretty rare in our house because as my Healthy Mamas clients know, I have menu planning down pat. Luckily,…

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Baby-Led Weaning Saves Time!

Baby Eating In Chair

We’ve hit another fun stage with my 6-month old son, Evren. It’s time for REAL FOOD. Yahoo! He’s been sitting up for awhile & regularly grabbing for our food. Plus, have I mentioned that he is a moose? At 6 months, he weighed in at 21 lbs! So, all signs point to food introduction and…

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