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Roasted sweet squash bites

Fall is finally here! I’m so ready to go squash crazy in the kitchen this year. Butternut squash is one of my absolute favorite things to cook up in the fall. Like my hubby, it’s naturally sweet and nutritious – I can’t get enough of it! Unfortunately, it can be a real hassle to prepare….

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Not all green beans taste like rubber

Sometimes green beans make me gag. Seriously. They were a staple of my Nana’s Thanksgiving menu growing up. My Nana was spunky, stylish and a fabulous cook. So, as a kid, I had no idea why she continued to serve these bland, rubbery green sticks. Given that she lived a long, mostly healthy life, I…

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Baby-Led Weaning Saves Time!

We’ve hit another fun stage with my 6-month old son, Evren. It’s time for REAL FOOD. Yahoo! He’s been sitting up for awhile & regularly grabbing for our food. Plus, have I mentioned that he is a moose? At 6 months, he weighed in at 21 lbs! So, all signs point to food introduction and…

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