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A Healthy Way to Start Solids

Starting your infant on solid foods is a whole new journey that can bring mixed emotions. Fear. Excitement. Relief. Giddiness. Anxiety. What feelings do you associate with this experience? As a family nutrition coach, I was frantic to get it right! I read research studies, spoke with experts and scoured books to identify a handful of evidence-informed guidelines…

Make snack time matter

Kids who eat in between meals consume an average of 1-3 snacks per day. That totals to almost 1100 snack times each year! Imagine which new foods you could introduce and what unhealthy habits you could break in that amount of time. Studies show it takes 10-15 introductions for a child to be comfortable with a…

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Squash in a pancake??

Earlier this week, I posted a super yummy recipe for Roasted Sweet Squash Bites. I’m still on a squash kick this week, so here’s another one of my faves: Sweet Squash Pancakes!I wanted to create this recipe mainly for my son. He used to love squash, but he’s getting into a phase where he’s turning…

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