Chocolatey Strawberry Smoothie

As a busy mom, I love smoothies! They are seriously my go to meal almost daily in the summer. Though the internet will have you believe that smoothies are easy peasy, in my experience they are absolutely not foolproof. There have been plenty of times that I whip up what I think is a simple…

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Molasses Spiked Chia Oatmeal

Why add black strap molasses to oatmeal? Though molasses is a sweetener, it is actually quite the powerhouse of nutrition. Just 2 tsp of molasses contains: 133 mg calcium (13% daily value) 67 mg magnesium (21% daily value) 0.5 mg iron (3% daily value) 300mg potassium (12% daily value) .01 mg vitamin B6 (10% daily…

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Spring into Smoothies

Assortment of fresh fruit

Oh, how do I love you, smoothies. Let me count the ways. I love that I pack in nutrition even on picky eating days. I love the pretty colors of the yummy fruit and greens. And, that my family slurps them down while staying nice n’ lean.I love how my son wants to press the blender button.And,…

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